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Alga Proliferator

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Alga Proliferator

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A photobioreactor to grow algae with high efficiency. It is expected to be a general tool to grow algae as a hobby or to perform scientific experiments.


Alga Proliferator is a small photobioreataor. AP is a perfect tool to grow algae in a non-laboratory or laboratory setting. AP has a transparent cover to allow lights to be delivered to the algal cells. In an AP, algal cells cycle through three different stages. Most algal cells enter the cycle from the bottom of the culture, first follow the air stream to be airborne, then fall back to the surface of the culture, lastly sink to the bottom of the culture. The cultivation process serves two main functions. It expends the surface areas of the culture to promote the gas exchange between the air and the culture so that carbon dioxide in the air is absorbed into the culture and oxygen produced by the algal cells is released into the air. It also exposes more algal cells to the light and extend the time during which algal cells conduct photosynthesis. AP is more efficient than any bottle or flask operations. AP is easy to operate and to clean.

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