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High Density Photobioreactor

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High Density Photobioreactor

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HDP is a high efficient microalgae grower. HDP arrays are newest invention to make large scale microalgae productions possible. HDP has a broad range of potential applications in industries such as health supplement, food, feed, row industrial material, environment protection, power generation and biofuel.


High Density Photobioreactor is a custom built product. The standard size is 1000 mm (long) x 500 mm (width) x 1000 mm (height). The total volume is 0.5 cuber meter, of which eighty-eight percent are available for the microalgae cultivation. It contains internal structures and internal LED light sources to supply sufficient light and nutrients to algal cells in the culture in support of high growth rates of algal cells. When fully loaded, the unit is designed to produce 29.16 kilograms of algal biomass in a 12 hour period while absorbing 85.56 kilograms of carbon dioxide.The cost of electricity to fix the carbon and produce algal biomass is expected to be $7.91 per ton of carbon dioxide or $23.32 per ton of algal biomass. HDP presents a solution to the problem of scale versus efficiency in microalgae. HDP arrays are tools to grow microalgae in large scales and with high efficiency.

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