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Oxygen Enriched Microbe Cultivation System

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Oxygen Enriched Microbe Cultivation System

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OEMCS-650 is a small cultivator for bacterial cultures. It is safe to be used in a laboratory or in a non-laboratory setting. It is designed to be sterilized by autoclave at high temperatures and under high pressures. But it is also effective to heat it up in a microwave oven for 15 to 30 seconds.


OEMCS is a small scale system for cultivating bacteria under normal conditions. It is a replacement of shaker flasks to grow seed cultures or to prepare biomass for small scale DNA extractions. The device is designed to maximize the gas exchange between the air and the culture to ensure the bacterial cells in the culture sufficient supply of oxygen. Bacterial cells breath happily in the culture and grow fast. Using OEMCS is simple and the unit is easy to be cleaned.

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